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Portrait Examples
These are examples of commissioned portraits
with their sizes and cost. Not including shipping.
Art by Adian Arvin
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  1. Noon Snooze
    Noon Snooze
    24X30 $450, 3 heads
  2. Holly Chipotle
    Holly Chipotle
    Kitten play in water fountain 18X24 $375
  3. Mother Teresa
    Mother Teresa
    Sold to the State of New Mexico
  4. Elianna Cinderella
    Elianna Cinderella
    18X24 $375
  5. Dad
    Portrait of my father 18X24 $375
  6. Derek and Son
    Derek and Son
    Father and son napping 24X24 $425, 2 heads
  7. Derrick
    Portrait of a friend 18X18 $300
  8. Jakub
    Seated grandson 18X24 $375
  9. Olive with grandfather
    Olive with grandfather
    Toddler with grandfather 18X24 $425, 2 heads
  10. Tara's Smile
    Tara's Smile
    Toddler picking flowers 18X24 $375
  11. Irish Stud Horse
    Irish Stud Horse
    From the Ireland Stud Farm 18X28 $375
  12. Ollie
    16X18 $250
  13. Mother Teresa sold to the state of New Mexico
    Mother Teresa sold to the state of New Mexico
    24X36, single head, $700
  14. Mason doing Easter
    Mason doing Easter
    18X24, single head, $350
  15. Olive's Christmas Joy
    Olive's Christmas Joy
    24X36, single head $450
  16. Chomping at the Bit
    Chomping at the Bit
    Portrait of American Pharoah working out.
  17. Jennifer
    Portrait of niece #1 around 8 years old.
  18. JC and Bernadette
    JC and Bernadette
    JC and Bernadette Odum 2016
  19. Mary
    Mary around 3 years old