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Paintings for Sale - Click on image to enlarge

  1. The Fruit Basket
    The Fruit Basket
    Fruit stand in New Mexico 30X40, $700
  2. Mother Teresa at Prayer
    Mother Teresa at Prayer
    30X40, $700
  3. Brunch
    Doe having brunch 24X36, $500
  4. Irish Stud
    Irish Stud
    From Ireland's Stud farm 18X24, $300
  5. American Pharoah, triple crown, horse racing
    Chomping at the Bit $550
    A portrait of American Pharoah working out.
  6. French dragoons, napoleon, cavalry
    Charging French Dragoons $750
    Napoleonic French Dragoons making a charge.
  7. Mommy $250
    Mommy $250
    American Bison and Calf